Nutrition and Cattle Management

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We improve the quality of life in the cattle-breeding sector.

We manufacture made-to-measure products and diets, which enable you to maintain optimum results in terms of production, health, management and fertility :

  • production
  • health
  • handling
  • fertility
  • in a natural and ethical manner

    We are specialists in:
  • • Milk ruminants (cows, sheep and goats).
  • • Meat ruminants (fattening calves and sheep).
  • • Horses

In our departments we research, develop and manufacture the products necessary for each animal species:
nuclei, anionic salts, vitaminic-mineral correctors, organic mineral complexes, initiation feeds, food complements and food supplements

All our products are backed up by advice and technical supervision. With the above we achieve balance, high yield and quality of life.